"We love death more than you love life": a response

Dear Annihilators:

No, you don't love death more than we love life. You love killing more than we love life. There's a substantial difference.

One finds oneself moved to ask: whose death do you love more?

If you truly loved death more than we love life, you would not seek justification for extinguishing the innocent, and wouldn't be deluded into thinking you'd score points in Heaven for doing so. No: you would simply do yourself in.

An authentic love for death might compel you to a personal relationship with it, but it does not: you conscript and brainwash the vulnerable into wreaking death for you -- apparently you love life more than you love either honesty or death.

Let us remember: one may embrace death, but there is no such thing as loving it: one cannot love what one cannot know. What you love --if anything -- is an idea, a fantasy whose real nature eludes you.

Examine what it is that you love -- this is an issue of the utmost urgency.

Perhaps you love killing more than you love the religion in whose mighty shadow you lurk.

If this is not so, then cease killing and serve the God of your faith. We were, after all, made in His image -- not in the image of the dark lords to whom you have enslaved yourself.

-- Mr. Gobley


karen said...

U r missed, I hope all is well.

Seth Chalmer said...

Well, said, Mr. Gobley! Well said.