To Whom It May Concern:

I should like to get to know you better.

I have thought about you ever since we met.

I have not, in fact, been able to remove from my mind
The image of you,
Waiting for me
At the top of the stairs
Going into the great hall.

The light shone from behind you,
Too cinematic for belief,
Too perfect for verse,
Your silhouette grand,
To my flawed senses

Then I lost track of you. We went our separate ways. I got caught up in the mundane. I needed a job, I needed money. You tried to stay in touch, but I felt so burdened by your communications -- so obligated to repay in kind the generosity of spirit you lavished on me -- that I couldn't bring myself to return the favor. It seemed like any communication of mine would have insulted you with its triteness, its brevity, its lack of depth.

As time went on,
Even as the sound of your voice
Faded from memory,
The vision of you became brighter,
More insistent.
Your eyes looked at me
Full of yearning

Hesitantly, I got back in touch.

I found, to my relief,
My exultation,
That you had been thinking of me, too,
An image of me had fixed in your mind,
You wondered how I was
Longed for contact
For connection
For reunion.

Now we are in touch again.

Weeks, perhaps even months can go by, but there is never any doubt that one of us will reach out again, and the current will jump between us.

How I love you.

If only I could see you.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

phew mr. gobley. I was going to ask you what the HEY was wrong with you-- to deny yourself and such a one the pleasure of friendship and love. We can be very proud people, can't we?

Mr. Gobley said...

Ah, yes, Karen we can --

Whether it's that luminescent lover, or God herself, whom we are too proud to approach...

karen said...

Do you really believe God is a female? I think and am taught that God is the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, all rolled into One.

I am also taught that God has both masculine and feminine characteristics; but, as you may know, we Catholics heap mighty praise upon Mary, whom we call... the Mother of God.

She is not God, but without her graceful acquiesence to carry the Lamb of sacrafice within the Arc of her being... I thank God for Mary.

I thank God for my many friends on this scary computer, too, and for mr. gobley's truth in free poetry.

You have a good soul, sir.

karen said...

I went back and read your poem again. You make no mention of the sex of the love of your absoute life. We assume a female, we assume a human being.

Poetry, IMhumbleO, or poems, rather, have only one real meaning... that of the heart and mood of the poet at that particular time it was written.

It's true, there are as many interpretations as there are readers of a poem, but the true meaning lies w/in the soul of the poet, until shared.

I like that.

Mr. Gobley said...

My dear Karen:

thank you for your reading and your wonderful comments.

As for what i believe: i try not to address issues of the spirit from the perspective of belief, but rather, from knowledge (of texts, of history, of various wisdom traditions) or from feeling (which is like belief without the supporting documentation).

i feel that God transcends male and female -- expresses both, exalts both, contains and creates both. This could be a description of the Holy Trinity, as well.

Of course, our great traditions struggle with the limitations of human language and perceptions to describe the Divine. This is part of the dynamism of these traditions, and of human life in all its glorious limitations.