Feng-shui of the soul

Feng-shui is an art
(Or perhaps a science)
Which says
That the placement and texture of objects
Directly affects one's well being
And productivity.

If this is so,
Then this, too,
Must be so:

The placement of practices
Of disciplines and actions
In an ordered pattern
Around one's innermost self
Will elevate one's environment
And benefit those who share it--

Unless, of course, those disciplines
And actions
Have hate at their center.

Feng-shui of the soul
Calls for order and harmony
Even in the face of
Random killing

The pursuit of order
And harmony
In one's environment
Will circle outward
From the still center.

Practice feng-shui of the soul
Get your inner house in order --

No telling others what to do
Until you've tended that
Garden of yours.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Sometimes I think feng-shui can be felt instinctively, if not always spelled correctly. Something may not feel right, or sound right and, being a woman, I change furniture around or repeat my thoughts in randomly different sentences to help better understand this feeling.

The learning and understanding is the art. That takes a lot of tending to. :)

alfren said...
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