Prayer for an Injured Child

O Great Healer,
Raise your mighty hand
And stop the flood of tears,
And Fear.

Exalted Engineer of Life,
Restore the soul to its strength.
Knit the bones
Back together,

Mend the gentle mind
That still cowers
At the lurching memory
Of looking into
The jaws of

Suture the wounded spirit,
Spread the salve
Of your love
Over the burning stitches.

As the turning of day into night
Gives rest to your Creation,
Let it restore
Of mind,
Body, and Spirit

To the one whose pain
Is more than my frail heart
Can carry.

Heal her,
Care for her,
Revive her,
Hold her
In the
Great Embrace 
Of your Presence.

i stand by,
A whispered prayer,
A jagged breath,
A gasp of love,
Holding vigil
In the darkness of  
The fluorescent desert.

--Mr. Gobley