I cannot touch you, therefore
You do not exist.

You do not exist, therefore
I am alone.

I am alone, therefore
All actions,
All consequences,
All choices are mine.

All is mine, therefore
There is nothing else.

There is nothing else, therefore
I extend throughout the Universe.

I extend throughout the Universe, therefore
I am earthbound,
But I am also
Planet, star and comet,
Raging fire,
Burning ice.

Because I am here and also there,
Fire and ice,
I am many in one.

Because I am many in one,
I am human
And yet more than this.

And the part that is
More than human,
Bound up with
My flesh and bones,

Is me,
Touching You.

Therefore, you exist,

We meet at last.


--Mr. Gobley

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