Mr. Gobley sez:

  • The attainment of mastery, in the disciplined pursuit of a creative passion, is the most dynamic form of prayer.
  • The greatest danger to an individual, a family, a community, a nation, is always within.
  • Fame is just a means to be misunderstood on a grand scale.
  • It is essential that you reflect, daily, on who you blame for whatever predicaments are yours. Then, work on not-blaming.
  • People always smile at children in elevators.
  • Children that are kind to animals eventually will make good lovers and great parents.
  • The spot where Lewis and Clark emerged from the woods to catch their first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean is called Cape Disappointment. Worth reflecting on.

--Mr. Gobley

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Agent95 said...

This is beautiful, Mr. Gobley.

I especially like it because my kids are kind to animals.