The Other Keys

can be found in the writings of the 7th century Buddhist monk and scholar Shantideva.

To wit:

First of all I should make an effort
to meditate upon the equality between self and others:
I should protect all beings as I do myself
because we are all equal in (wanting) pleasure and (not wanting) pain.
Hence I should dispel the misery of others

because it is suffering just like my own,
and I should benefit others
because they are sentient beings, just like myself.
When both myself and others

are similar in that we wish to be happy,
What is so special about me?
Why do I strive for my happiness alone?
* * *
All the violence, fear, and suffering
That exist in the world
Come from grasping at "self."
What use is this great evil monster to you?
If you do not let go of the "self,"
There will never be an end to your suffering.
Just as, if you do not let go of a flame with your hand,
You can't stop it from burning your hand.
* * *

The protection of all beings is achieved through the constant examinationof one's own mistakes.

--Mr. Gobley

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