Mr Gobley sez:

  • Procrastination is just Nature's way of telling you that you are engaged in a pursuit that has nothing to do with anything.
  • The number of incidences of stress experienced by the average person are in direct proportion to the number of people who live in that person's community.
  • If you are extremely judgmental and have no sense of humor, you most likely can't even stand yourself. And you probably aren't alone in that.
  • As consumed as we may be with the affairs of the day, we block out the established and unavoidable truth: we are in a race with time to find a way for the human race to exist somewhere other than on this planet.
  • It does not matter whether you believe in God or not.
  • Unless you believe that we and God are co-creators. In which case, the atheists have taken their ball and gone home.
  • We have glands and organs whose function is not fully understood. We also have emotional and psychological states that seem completely unproductive. Discuss.
  • Developing awareness of the Divine is like developing a bond with a pet: a deep connection to a living energy, supported by an empathic but veiled communication. Being aware of God but not having a spiritual life is like never letting your pet in the house.
  • You are a musical instrument: you are curved and molded, you are carefully built to produce a unique experience. You are also slightly out of tune. What do you do?

--Mr. Gobley

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amba said...

Well, I always did think that calling your god God was like calling your dog Dog . . .