Opportunities for contemplation

A fox, galloping down a suburban sidewalk

Recurring thoughts about a faded celebrity, followed by that celebrity's death

A wadded-up paper, shot at the office wastebasket, that hangs on the rim -- forever

A vanity plate that answers a question that's been rattling around in your mind

Running into a person you've been avoiding

A staring contest with a chipmunk that lives under your stoop

A normally independent pet that suddenly follows you everywhere

A cogent statement, made by someone with whom you profoundly disagree, that -- like it or not -- makes profound sense.

--Mr. Gobley


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Two good ones today!

Anonymous said...

Do you write poetry as you go along the way... or store it all up for a rainy day?

I write poetry, too; but, I tried once to relay it and it lost the form I gave it, so it looked like any other day for words.

Thank you for your poetry, mr.gobley.

Karen said...

whoops, I wrote the above!

Mr. Gobley said...


i live and work in the world, but my mind hurtles through a milky way of free verse, haiku, rhyming couplet, so that my blog is like a reverse IV drip, or maybe inverse blood donation, so that what is in my flows back out through invisible veins...