I feel called to spiritual work.

Problem is, I'm an agnostic.

I think.

Maybe I'm just an ambivalent.

But something keeps pulling me toward religious study and spiritual inquiry.

I don't believe in belief. I believe in knowledge. People can blab about their beliefs all the livelong day, but in the end, belief is so subjective and so ephemeral as to be useless to others.

Knowledge is different: you use your spiritual astrolabe to fix your position with respect to the Divine, and you navigate from there. You never have all the answers, but you gain knowledge, and through knowledge you're transformed, and imbued with the power to transform others.

That being said, I suspect in God. Not believe, suspect. God is a theorem whose proof I'll never arrive at. In my work at the chalkboard, though, I'm gonna learn a lot, a whole lot. I think God is as good a description, as succinct a moniker one could ever have for the generating and sustaining force of universal equipoise.

So I'm gonna pursue this, and I'll get back to you along the way.

--Mr. Gobley


Brian Boyko said...

Religious study is a poor way to find God because it requires starting from assumptions which may not be true.

Try philosophy or physics.

Mr. Gobley said...

Whoa, Brian! Now I definitely believe in God! I got a comment! And an intelligent one!

Sadly, I ain't wired for physics. And I like assumptions: all of life is making assumptions and deductions that constantly have to be questioned and refined. Religion is no different.

I have to disagree, too, about finding God: who can say what's a poor way? Your detour might be my route to -- well, not salvation -- but maybe a really good tiem.

Thanks for commenting.

amba said...

I'm about to link to you. In the meantime, please read this.

I often use instruments of navigation as metaphors for all this, so I appreciate your "spiritual astrolabe." I've bookmarked that post and plan to quote you in my book!