When You Think About It

When you think about it,
It snaps into focus:

You are unique as a fingerprint,
Brilliant as Bach.

Your music is
Just yours,
Made to shine
In a particular way.

To argue with you
About God --
God is, or God isn't,
God loves you,
Or doesn't --

Is like arguing about your fingerprints,
Taking Bach to task
About one
Derivative fugue.

Your relationship to all that is
Is just yours,
Just right,
Just as it is.

It cannot be other.

Why should anyone fight it?

Currency can be converted;
Not so with souls.

All that needs happen is this:

Examine each day
The meeting point
Between you
And Everything Else.

In the light that you cast,
Deepen your understanding of it.

All the rest is dogma.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Oh, my Gosh. Is THAT spam? You know, they could be talking about you. i really hope you compound your poetry for a book- you'll have to have a gobley title so I can recognize them as yours :).

Says it's good for the heart.
I gave it a shot and it works great! = mr gobley.

What happens when no one believes the identity of themselves thru their fingertips anymore?


Mr. Gobley said...


What happens when one uses only one's own fingertips to fix one's place in the cosmos = loneliness, of which Relativism is one mutation.