Thanks. Giving.

Together, the two words conspire
To rob each other of meaning.

We must look more closely:

Individually, they reveal
Themselves to be
No less than
The footprints of God.

In whose name
Our strangely appareled
Left their homes,
Sought new soil,
Formed their feast.

It was toward the
Their thanks
Were directed.

It was
God's own giving
For which they
Gave in return.

And joining them
At the table
Were those whose
Understanding of God,
While vastly different,
Could have been,
With their own,
As grateful,
As giving as their own.
Theirs was a feast of thanks,
A celebration of giving.

Two words.
Every day:

Thanks. Giving.

Gratitude. Generosity.

But of course:
Thanks and Giving,
Scrolled around
Each other,
A Horn of Plenty.

The Source of All
Brings forth Giving
From gratitude --
From Gratitude,
And it begins again.

This virtuous cycle
Is the very
Engine of Life,
The cyclic giving
Of the heart,
The cleansing work
Of the lungs,
The way life begins,
The way we all
Come to be,

The idea in whose service
All that is
Moves beyond
To become,
All That Is:

Be grateful.
And in gratitude,
Give again.

--Mr. Gobley


Alison said...

Whenver I link to one of your poems, I have people tell me IN PERSON how much they like what you say. Thought I'd pass that on, since you can't see it in the comments anywhere ...

Thanks for this giving piece as well.

Mr. Gobley said...

Alison: Your kind words, and those from whom you convey them, bring me quiet joy. Thank you, and please thank them for me.

karen said...

I echo Ali's sentiments joyously and want you to know that when i bow my head at our meal of plenty- in Thanks Giving- i will thank God esp. for mr. gobley and his precious poetry.

i like how you write... cyclically. It's kinda in me, being a farmer and being Catholic. And, probably from running in circles half my lifetime, 2 :0)!

Mr. Gobley said...

Karen: you, too, are always with me. I will think of you on the farm, attending to cycles and seasons, as I attend to the cycles we share.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Thank you, Mr. Gobley, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.