Signing Up

What happens when you
"sign up" for something?

i'll tell you:

you make a determination,
an act of will,
and you "signify" that act:

that is, you "sign",
affixing your name
as a symbol of your act of will,
and that sign extends
to realms that reinforce your
(if beneficence it is).


and what is up?

i'll tell you:

we are moving trees,
rooted in the earth
but reaching always
toward the
higher aspects of
our little sphere,

extended toward new heights,
even while touching,
drawing nourishment from,
the dust of our origins.

so go on.
sign up.
affix your name,
the crest of your will,
to healing endeavors.

just be sure,
when you sign,
that it is
that you are signing.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

:). Hhhhmmmm. i can't pretend I'm always- if ever- smart enough to understand the hidden meanings in plain sight of words. That you speak.

That doesn't mean I can't feel the sense of rightness in what you say. Like listening to a good friend jazzing for fun on the piano. The emotion is touchable.

Thank you- once again: for the ground.

amba said...

"the crest of your will." These are getting better and better! The channel is open, hey, Mr. Gobley?