Open Veins

"Bleed on,
Great rivers of life.

Flow forth.

Stir the silt
And fan out
Into the Delta
Of Becoming.

Though my veins empty,
i will never leave you.
No: i will depart
Only from

i will leave sorrow behind."

When you mourn
A great love,
Say this,
And they will
Say it along with you.

Say this, too:

"i have entered boundlessness.
i have found light at my center.
As i fly free of my
i enter the home
That you and i
Shall know
Beyond Time.

Here, we begin together
An endless beginning."

As you finish:
Breathe in.

And as you do,
Know that you have
Absorbed a drop of timelessness
From life's
Ceaseless river.

--Mr. Gobley


Hikingalong said...

I loved this...what a poet you are! Thank you for blessing me. Is it okay if I save this and have it read at my funeral one day?

Mr. Gobley said...

Dear Berrymom:

You may of course use any of these small offerings in any way you like.

It would be an honor to have it read at your funeral, an occasion which I hope and pray is far off.

And I wish health, healing and peace to you and your husband in this season.