We the Shattered

when i bow my head
and fold my hands
around each other
or the book

when i close my eyes
or blur my vision,
seeing beyond what is there

when i slip inside
the envelope
of white light
that descends
from the skylight

when i feel myself
being held
by something greater
than words can fathom

i pour out my heart
open my veins
and all that is within me

empties into all that
is without

and in this way
i make myself
less than dust
but more than whole

and i grab the lowest rung
of Jacob's ladder

i look up at angels
and briefly hear
their song

before letting go
and coming back down
into the fenced fold

in which my soul
is briefly held

today i pray
that we the shattered
will learn to mend ourselves

that we accept our fate,
which is to love that
which is beyond all knowing

and i resolve
to better understand
what cannot be understood

that is to say:
i resolve to be fully human
holding the bottom rung
but looking up

trying to lift myself

toward the angels

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Do you believe in being "slain in the Spirit"? I suppose this could be in any faith... when you react intensely to the Presence of the One you believe is God?

Last Sunday at Mass, in the choir, we sang the same songs as the Sunday before (not my idea),but this time we had a woman that directed (we are usually *led* very informally by a somewhat not very serious lady)(I didn't want to say flakey, but it fits).

She decided to finish the offetory hymn by repeating the refrain a capella, like Madrigals, and I thought i was going to drop right their in the loft.

It's the power of people working in unison to serve a single and important purpose. The words we sang were the message of the offetory. That is always the intention of the Mass, but so many people get caught in the monotony that they fail to feel the words.

amba said...