Far-flung Family

There will come a time
When life is revealed
In worlds beyond ours.

Then we must turn to our
Sacred books,
Our cherished ideas,
And revise our entire

Our ill will,
Our greed,
Our sadness,
Our talent for war,
Result from thinking

That we are alone.

We know, in our hearts --
Those very hearts
That dance to signals
From beyond --

That we are not alone.

What will we say?
What will we think,
When we open our books
For the first time
After our far-flung family

--Mr. Gobley


Rob said...

Nice choice of subject. I wonder, though, what the discovery of extraterrestrial life would do to us?

Would these intelligent beings be grated full "human right"? Is "humanity" the birthright of sentience or does it require a human soul? What if the aliens have no sense of religion? Would they have souls? If not, are they equal to humans?

It's just a guess and not scientific at all, but I think that the sudden appearance on the scene of intelligent beings from another world would lead, over a period of a decade or two, to the total collapse of organized religion here on earth.

Things are shaky enough as it is. If a group came along who weren't "sons of Adam", I think all hell would break loose (so to speak) among the organized religions.

We wouldn't be "special" any more and I don't know if, for example, the Catholic church could put up with that.

karen said...

Hi Rob. I was thinking the meaning-Heaven. And all are welcome there... it's Home. To be reunited w/those we hope to see and those we thought we'd never see. And those we were sure we'd never see again- There. All special in equal love of God.

Geeeee, even Catholics might think that mighty fine.

Aliens??? We'll see :).

I wonder, as an afterthought. The seeds planted by God via "sons of Adam" not given human rights (although I believe most Catholics counter that). Why, then Aliens?

Trev said...

Thanks Mr. Gobley for the nice Poem it has cheered me up no end. It's nice when something makes you smile. Thanks again