Having a Prayer

What is prayer? Possible examples:

  • 911, 411 and 0 all rolled into one -- no phone required
  • A blind date with the cosmos
  • Asking the Divine to fulfill a need -- only to discover that the need already has not been merely satisfied, but surgically removed
  • A thrill ride that costs nothing, can occur anywhere and anytime -- and that does not move
  • A Christmas list that indicates what you hope to be giving to the entire world
  • A moment of silent gratitude that lasts your entire life
  • A thought, leading to a discovery, leading to an embrace
  • Talking to yourself -- and getting an answer
  • A dialogue between the very center of your deepest essence and its greatest love (and remember: your "self" is not an option)

--Mr. Gobley


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Lovely. Thank you.

karen said...

Watching someone you love suffer, waiting for this suffering to be over, thinking you know what death is all about because humans know everything... and realizing it's between your loved one and God, Who is cradleing this vulnerable person in His loving, ever-lasting embrace.

And always has been.