Recipe for Repentance

First, you admit that you are not Divine.

And yet you embrace your emanation
From Divinity.

Then you examine your desires.

You understand that these, too,
Are of Divine origin,

And then you turn
The deeds that have
Issued from those

Are they born
Of Darkness,
Of need,
Of grabs for power
And lustful longings --
Twistings of the might of angels
Toward hurling
Bolts of anger at God?

The source of our being
Is the source
Of our desires, too,

And repentance begins precisely here:
Begins with embrace
Of doer
And deed,
Of anger
And hatred:

And so,
To repent,
Admit that
You are not
But born
Of the Divine.

You urges and needs,
Emerge here as well:
Acknowledge this.
Know that
You have twisted
What power
The angels have sent you:


Give back
To Origins of Might
That which
You briefly

Forgive yourself
And give thanks.

In this way,
You understand
As the toxic waste
Of free will,

And forgiveness
As the most loving,
Repentance --

For the Soul.

--Mr. Gobley


Alison said...

Like only the best athletes can do for their sports, you do for repentence - somehow making it look easy.

karen said...

Amen. To both of you.

michelgibson84476361 said...
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amba said...

You are submitting this to GOD or NOT, aren't you? Or not?

Morgaine said...

And what if my morality contradicts your first statement? I believe we are divine, born of the divine, a part of the divine, and therefore need no forgiveness or salvation. I only need an awareness of my belonging.

( I found you through God or Not, by the way. They count me as a theist, though I'm actually a theast. I practice a religion, just not a Judeo-Christian one.)

Mr. Gobley said...

"... and yet I believe we are divine, born of the divine, a part of the divine..."

That's good, Morgaine. I agree.

If you feel that to "born of the divine a part of the divine," the same as be[ing] divine," we might have a minor difference, but i don't think my beliefs, or yours, are as important as the selfless embrace of doer and deed.

Thanks for visiting.