The Beginning of Breath

i have sinned.

Or have i been sinned against?

i settle into myself
And consider deeply:

Where should i start?
Of whom must i
Beg forgiveness?

i will start here:
i will ask my heart
To forgive
My head
For punishing me,
For telling me
i am not
Good enough,
Strong enough,
Wise enough,
Smart enough.

i will ask my head
To forgive my heart
For fainting away
At high walls
And tripping
Over low obstacles.

After these small,
Private acts
Of contrition,
All requests
For forgiveness
Are easy,
All antagonists

i will ask
Of all things
And all beings.

It is not what they
Do unto me,
It is the stories
i tell myself
About what they have done
Unto me
That cause the burrs
To stick in my heart
And choke my breath.

The Creator of Breath,
Who breathed us,
Wants us to keep
To pass the breath
Of forgiveness
Across enemy lines
And down the generations

So that hearts
And minds
Will grow strong,
Filled with quiet

That love
Is forgiveness,
And forgiveness
Is what is

--Mr. Gobley


Anonymous said...
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karen said...

And you call yourself agnostic?

You have it so right, those of us who think we know the Truth should be taking notes and listening to you. Will you be putting these prayers in a book for us to read, and re-read... forever and ever?


Mr. Gobley said...

Karen: your comments and compliments are great nourishment and encouragement to me. Thank you.