Past All That

The past is never
Here yet.

It is always arriving
And yet not fully here --
A train forever entering the station
Of consciousness.

The present,
So rarely apprehended
Until it is past,

Is like a doll's house
In its precious mimicry
Of all the memories
On which it's modeled.

i stand at the
Parallax point
Of this moving instant

And gaze back
At the vanishing
And yet moving union
Of the twinned trails
Of my journey.

And so
And ever so
i recede
Into the present

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Face to the sun, mr.g!!

Meet e/day w/a winsome yearning
and expectation.
Even if we pass past the past in
the process of trying to catch
this elusive being ~Future~ by the toe- @ least when the sun
is shining- we are warm.

So i raise my glass in
~Praise of Future~- even if
i barely recognize
it for the value of it's Face:0).

To prove i am not a robot: by Todus- which reminds me of Totus Tuus- which is a meaning i feel and have heard and do recognize for the value of it's Face, but cannot name.

Love to you and yours...

heh- failed the proofing. 2X the charm?

karen said...

If you knew how many times i had to reboot the password, you'd lol or lmao or pee your pants... i didn't calculate the address# into the equation. duh.