Holding on to Letting Go

Regarding the thing you find yourself aching
To let go of --
Hold on.

At least until you have found the source
Of the voice that loosens your hold.

And of that to which you would hold fast --
Let go.
What is held is merely a spectre--
The fear of loss,
Not the thing itself.

In the grip of rededication,
In the release of the newly found,
Lies the black pearl
Of all Presence:

That graceful defiance
That makes room
More life.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

I think these words exactly describe what happened at my chiropractor visit this past Tues-- after much ~unwinding~ i got a massive cramp in my shoulder to which Grace told me to sit up.

After a minute or so, she gently lay her hand upon my shoulders and said quietly,"If there is anything that you are carrying w/your left hand, now might be a good time to set it down."

I asked God to help me set down this heavy unknown and felt a lightness immediately- my upper body slumped slightly w/relief.

I don't really understand what happened, but i trusted that Grace knew what i needed- because God let her hear what my body was saying. Lucky me.

Love you:0).

karen said...

I meant to click on amba's and your blog came up-- so i will say: Hey!! mr gobley-- hope and pray all is well w/you.

:0) be kind to yourself... <3k

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

We hear a lot these days about the wisdom of letting go, not so much about holding on. Thank you for the wisdom of both, the balance, which we hear about least of all.