Now and Not Now

Thin wisp of Time, threaded into Mind like sinew into bone, and yet, blown by like brittle leaves, skittering on frosted pavement;

Brittle wafer of Space, a shaft of Presence in a world of Absence, wavering and yet impossibly still like the blade of a candle's flame;

You are sustained along these thinnest of membranes,

From moment to moment and from place to place:

A miracle, consisting of millions of smaller miracles:

You are worked through the narrows of suffering, and squeezed again onto a vast plateau of plenty: truly, what do you lack?

From birth, you have emerged from narrow space into vast space; from one crisis to the next, you have squeezed through dire straits into new opportunity, from dark confinement to brilliant contentment. You will suffer again; and again, you will be freed.

All peace is Now. All suffering is Not Now.

Stay in the Now: as long as you are present to the Present, your suffering is an abstract painting, hung on the walls of your darkened mind. Admire it; respect its maker; but do not live in it.

For each and every Now is a brilliant promise kept, a Treasure unearthed at your feet. It will ever be thus.

May you know it to be so,
Now and

--Mr. Gobley


Anonymous said...


eachone of yourposts, the writing is so gracious and full of tenderness. thankyou for your words in my blog.
unfortuantely, im not able to comment ona lot of blogs, dont know why, but this is

mystic rose

Anonymous said...

you write well! ;;)

karen said...

This reminds me so much of a child in utero- ~Shaft of Presence in a world of Absence~; a tiny piece of God.

amba said...

This is to the 23rd Psalm (which echoes in it) as "Moody's Mood" is to "I'm In the Mood For Love." Now there''s an arcane allusion for ya.