A person who believes
Will believe until the end.
No, beyond that end,
Raveled out until
The endless beginning,
The tireless, spreading
Root of
The tree of souls.

Even beyond, when shown
Any purported proof
that God does not exist,
Such a soul would say:

"But you see,
That silence,
That stillness,
That lack of an answer
Proves God's love:

"It is the provenance of peace,
The stillness from which
Comes the small voice,
The repose
For which we yearn
While living
And serving."

No void,
No chasm,
No cold and lonely expanse,
Revealed in this life
Or the next,
Could prove
To a lover of God
That God is not.

On the other hand:
A voice, a hand,
A place,
An order,
A registry of souls,
A reunion of lights:

The skeptic's ire
Would quickly cool
When delivered to
A world to come.


Whether here,
Or in the Great There,
No presence,
Or absence,
Can prove
That God is not.


A soul may in this minute sense,
Or someday know,
That God is.

And this
Is the mystery
Of the highest order
And truth,
Written on the plainest paper
Of our being,
Laid out in plain view.

It is not proof.

Borne in my heart
Along the stream of a constant love,
It is proof enough
For me.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Amen, mr. gobley!!
It's enough for me, as well.

Alison said...

I concur with fellow Mr. Gobley fanclub member - this one's a keeper & true on so many levels.

(for comic relief, I have to say that I couldn't help but hum the C is for cookie tune, "it's good enough for me" - again - when I read Karen's comment)

Mr. Gobley said...

i wonder if i should have it set to music...

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

I think there are some people who would refuse to believe even if they were lifted up to the realm of the infinite and given a personal guided tour. Richard Dawkins, for one.