Meditation on Peace

Today, resolve with me
That you will do everything
In your power

To vanquish hatred.

To do so,
You must leave wrongs
Slights unanswered.

You must help
The ingrate,
The the thief
And the child
Who hates you
But does not know why.

You must learn to fight --
Yes, you must --

Then lay down your arms.

You must meditate on peace --
Yes, you must --

Exhaling broad fields
Of yellow light
Toward distand lands,

From your heart
Outward to the
Cold cosmos.

No matter how still the waters,
Waves are always breaking.

We shall fly to battle
On a rumor,
But run to peace
Only when shattered.

There is much to learn;
A wave of darkness
Rolls toward us.

Light a fire,
And hold fast:

Mercy is
God's own
Meditation on peace,
Borne back
Toward those
Who breathe.

--Mr. Gobley

1 comment:

karen said...

Do you think you are being called to teach others how to be better people- how to see the goodness of their own souls- beyond the screen I see?

Or, do you feel that this is accomplished already through the eyes and connectedness of the reader of the words?

As they speak of Roe V Wade on the TV- Washington Week- I read this post and tear in the seemingly randomness (yet connectedness) of it all.

Your poem is beautiful. All your poems have a visual beauty that stays w/me. The words are set in their own poetic partnerships.

Thank you ,mr. gobley.