Faith and Certainty

Certainty is the new Black.

We are seeing all color
Drained away
From the shades
Of wonder

And harsh light
And ink-black night
Dividing our world.

When, in such a world,
Something falls out of fashion,
Then soon it will not even be safe.

My faith
Is faithfulness:
To task,
To Maker,
To the made,
To what i know,
To seeking to know
What i do not.

In quiet resolve
i move
Through a world
Of Certainty,
Striving only
To be faithful:

Full of faith,
But also willing
To test
My small,
Shifting self:

i ask
Because i wonder;
i am faithful because
i love.
i seek to know,
Knowing i may never.
Wonder is my very

Wonder exists,
Even in,
Especially in
The arteries
That feed
The heart
Of wisdom.

--Mr. Gobley

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