Experiment With No End

i will not be posting here for awhile.

i will be doing more reading and less writing, more thinking and less saying out loud, in all its various forms.

i have enjoyed your company, and hope to do so again, around the beginning of September.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

oh, mr. gobley. I'm going to miss you so much. I hope, greatly, that you compile your heart into a book as I would so love a copy of your thoughts and poetry. Maybe a mr. gobley signed copy? You have a God-given gift. Thank you for sharing it with the likes of me.

Wow, about a month of no mr. gobley :(. Pray for me, please?

Mr. Gobley said...


Souls of light communicate in all sorts of ways ;)

See you soon.

Alison said...

Godspeed, Mr. Gobley. And good luck.

I'll miss your posts and Karen's comments too.

karen said...


I know how it is w/little ones. I have four children; my youngest is almost 2&1/2. In regards to anger, I don't think it's all that damaging for kids to see the power of the emotion of anger. They have it and need to know it's ok to use to express themselves. It's just how to use it to get beyond the place that is frustrating- that's the big question. And, never letting it get physical or verbally abusive.

Anger can be a fuel that pushes us into doing things we are too scared or weak to do. i am trying to use my anger to learn to stand up for myself and to not take the crap from others shovels dumped onto me. My words have to carry more weight and then i'll be happy. I've always been so afraid to offend anyone in this world, that I wasn't being heard for my own worth. If I'm to set an example for my kids to follow, I have to make deeper marks so time will not erase the messages I feel are most important.

See you in September.

I just wanted you to know I hear you. It's always a test, isn't it?