In Praise of Books

The warped spine and the peeled cover
Remind me
That the book, like me,
Is a mere mortal:

A flame from the spark of a tree
Daubed in ink
Wrapped in the aura
Of an idea

Sent into the cosmos,
Bent on a whole new

Someday soon,
But long after i am gone,
The book will return to the earth
(Or some other realm
Of human endeavor)

Only to nourish the soil,
And grow a forest of new ideas,
A new Creation
That lives through dying
That repeats itself
But never speaks the same utterance

--Mr. Gobley


Leah Toole said...

Just wow!

karen said...

Has it really been this long since a word of Praise? Time is so busy... July seems so long ago, now.

We had a frost last night and i forgot to cover anything in the garden. Which just means- i thought i'd tell you.

Take care.

Mannix Romero said...

This was...this was just beautiful! I'm going to share this on my Facebook Poem's group page. I'll make sure to put a link up to this blog when I do.

Again, this was just amazing! Now I have a way to eloquently explain to others why, I prefer hardcover tomes to eBooks. Thank you.

can kelebek said...
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