At my desk

At my desk i am a copilot.

My vista is grand; i see beyond the

The instrument panel
topped with talismans
(family photos, coasters,
a clock that actually ticks)

Directs my sight
Inward and outward,
Before and beyond.

i am only three stories above
a parking lot
Beside train tracks
And an office park,

But i fly
Toward meaning
High above myself

One breath at a time.

--Mr. Gobley

1 comment:

karen said...

I hope that life is
keeping you soooo busy
that you have little to no
time for a poem-
living, poetry enough.

In anticipation of May
and maybe(time for)a poem,
i take the Liberty in
a copy/paste of words
in motion yrs ago...

This is the time when all is forgiven,
When love is made
And hurts are healed:
This is a shard of paradise
Dropped in our cupped and blistered palms.
You have a way...