The Highest Light

The highest light is the light within.
Descending, we ascend and win
The heavens, though they distant be,
Reposing here 'twixt you and me.

Our coldest season lights the spark
That vanquishes the roiling dark;
Our blindness ebbs toward understanding,
Furnishing the view commanding:

We constitute a constellation--
But bound up in our situation,
We see, but do not comprehend,
And strive, unto the bitter end.

Exhausted by the endless push
We never see the burning bush;
What would be the path we took,
Had we but turned aside to look?

Every tree's already lit,
Awake within, and ponder it.
Look beyond, and look again--
Perhaps you'll understand it then:

Every light is the light within,
And every thought its distant twin;
Immortal is our evanescence,
Our orbit is our very essence.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Your poetry is like music-
i've connected the two before.
The most beautiful sound-
even when true understanding is
just beyond grasp.
I am a Plain Jane:0)

"What would be the path we took,
Had we but turned aside to look?"

If i'd had but an ounce of courage:
Both then and now :0&

Have a prosperous and blessed New Year
dear dear mr.g.
Our Lord bless and keep ye.

karen said...

I think it's better to understand w/the heart than w/the mind.
I'm sure it has been better said- at some time: before.