In praise of reading

When all that is read
Ascends into the mind's eye
The letters evaporate into images
And rain back down from
Clouds of being,
Pooling again
As letters --
Coalescing in the
Ocean of Ideas.

What we receive in reading,
We give in writing,
We adorn with speech.

All that we are,
All that we uniquely are,
Resides in
The Letter
The Word.

The strings of glyphs
Run along the transom
Of our mind

And through the apertures
Of our organs ---

And we are gifted

We move into the world
Glittering with thought,

Anointed with the oil
Of ideas

Able to reach out,
Or in;

In a word,
With a word,

To save

And be

--Mr. Gobley

1 comment:

karen said...

A very good friend of mine- back in High School- was so gifted on the piano(he was so gifted, period)that he used to get passes to the music room during study halls and spend the time playing in one of the little practice rooms.

I used to follow, sneak in- so absorbed w/his music that oftentimes he was unaware of the intrusion- and listen w/rapt amazement.

His gift of phrasing, of the range and timbre of tone- was so deep that i could hear these notes as voices, speaking the most beautiful words.


W/you- the opposite occurs. I read your sentences, hear these heart-wrenching words- & your gift of phrasing, of range and timbre of tone- is so deep that i hear these words as notes, forming the most beautiful melodies.