Prayer for a Friend, Dead in a Jail Cell

You were too good.

You were too lonely,
Too lost, too loved
From a distance.

You knew heartache the way
A child knows her invisible friends
(Or her other secrets)
And you fought

Until it gently took you
In its arms
And danced with you --

Danced off the edge of the stage, --
A flash of satin,

i wish to my great, silent God
That you will be held,
Where you have gone;

Because if you are not,
Then we have no recompense
For your absence,
No balm

For the wound
Opened by your final,
Muffled cry

For company.

--Mr. Gobley


Anonymous said...

I like the internet because it involves sharing from different worlds. My last thought, for example, would be to write a poem.

My honest thoughts? Spank your kids early. If they don't learn self control at an early age, it becomes harder and harder to beat sense into them.

Some may call it an illness, I say it can be cured with an early awareness of life and dominance. It might sound horrible, but the poem writing thing blows me away too. Too bad nobody loved this lady enough to help her, to know how life works. I read about this and can't believe you guys know her -- think the family will sue?

Tom Strong said...

I'm speechless. What a terrible turn.

My best wishes to you, and to all her mourners.

reader_iam said...

I am so, so sorry.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

May she find peace at last.

My condolences to you and all who loved her.