The borrowed soul

i borrowed a soul
was given it, really
for a brief moment

it came wrapped in a
blanket of flesh
and box of bone

it was a mighty force
in a tiny package,
furious at its needs
and regal in its demands

it soon was clothed in
a personality
and gained
the rudiments of speech

it grew to know me
and surpass me
in all things

and now
my child
has a borrowed soul
of its own

another gift
like a telescope
that magnifies miracles more
the larger it gets

and i
full of the wonder
and the remorse
of the blessed

open my arms to
hold it
for this one

--Mr. Gobley


Flying Cat said...

Oh my! I haven't been around here for a while and this, this is a gem.

One day, I'll hold my borrowed soul's, borrowed soul and my heart will rejoice as it did that night I held her for the first time.

This is one that catches in the throat...

Thank you.

karen said...

Bravo-- and the pretty Cat catches it so right. This, for me-- is not something i can understand-- it's like God: it's felt, you know? Cat's comment eloquently adds to the emotion.

Miss you and amba.