The Importance of Snow

We are snow --

We do not last forever,
No two are alike,
Yes, yes, i know all that --

But also:

It is made to fall,
And it falls.

It may rise up,
But only for an instant,
And only as a reminder,
A delicious delay
In its sealed fate;

It does not map its destiny,
Ponder its options,
Bemoan its passage
Or seek counseling for its fall.

It has a collective identity
And a single

But it is a dance
Of infinite steps,
A monotony
Of dizzying variety.

It is fun for those
Who are not busy;

It is water,

It just is.

And then it is not.

--Mr. Gobley


Alison Bolen said...

Also, it drifts.

karen said...

2 true- 2 funny, Ali!!!

Personally, i wish it were not. How are we ever going to get to pasture if the ground won't cough up Spring???

mr.g- did you dye your hair, 'cause your place looks very dapper- maybe i'm viewing w/hopeful eyes the colours of Spring?