Meditation on a Yellow Light

O brief beacon, goddess of transition:

Smile upon me as i speed
On my way, i know not where.

Remember to bless and to forgive,
As i promise to thank you
With a wink in my rearview mirror.

i further promise,
With my whole, hurried heart,
That next time, i will slow,

It is you, not those above or below,
In whom all time reposes,
By whom all grace is given,
Through whom all who mindlessly rush
Either make their appointments
Or meet their Maker.

To you i send solemn thanks,
Toward you my prayer does rush
With rapid pulse measured on dials;
A thin slice of the day is all that is granted you,
And from it, you fashion worlds.

i thank you for the small moment
That opens onto the rest of my brief life,
And leave a trail of blessings behind me,
Scattered and rustling beneath

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

Hah- how do you DO it??? What makes you say to yourself- hey, i'll write a poem of Thankgiving for the Yellow Light?

And then, write something so spectacular that i wish i were in the seat of your car next to you- just to watch your face as you speed underneath it's lemon glow. Of course, i don't do cities very well:0).

Flying Cat said...

I need to paste this on my dashboard. That is if I get another car and that is IF I can get my license back...oops!

Thanks again for a terrific post!