Meditation on Anger

i come to you, heart on fire, and beg you to heal me.

My anger is nothing more than pain and fear, and nothing less than love betrayed.

Do i hold this anger in my heart? It feels, rather, that the anger is holding me.

Please help me to release its grip, and to place patience in its stead -- the patience of a smooth rock in a frozen stream. Then i will know that, as it has for millions of years, the stream will release me and flow over me again.

You who made us in love sent us forth in anger. We are the inheritors of your ire. Teach me to forgive as you have forgiven. Teach me to be present as you ever have been. And give me the patience of that lonely rock that knows the solitude of this season, and that knows its prison will surely melt away.

--Mr. Gobley


karen said...

I've been sharing my daughter's ipod (we each have an earpiece and are side by side) full of new songs by bands like Socratic- Smartpunk, the Wiggles(oh my gawsh!)...Spitalfield and The Used. I call these angst bands, but some are really good.

Printed out this poem for my lovely, angered daughter(hormonal, most likely). Larger print(oh- she just showed me a name of a band: Ringworm- lol) & a funky spread out look covering the entire page. I'm taping it to her wall, courtesy of mr. gobley.

What did i ever do w/out your wise words and prayers for all the seasons?

Mr. Gobley said...

My dear Karen:

Do not forget: her brain is busy expanding and becoming more fully formed. i saw a post about it today on another blog:


karen said...

Thanks for the link, mr. G!!

She's expanding at a rapid pace. I don't know why God blessed me so w/such strong-willed and outspoken girls- as accepting of motherhood as i am- i really suck at it!!

Now i'm catching grief because Smartpuck is an album and i didn't even put the good bands on my list. Hey, she's downloaded 1,000 songs on the thing!! She says these are good: Senses Fail, The Starting Line, Three Days Grace& Hit The Lights. I'll take her word for it.