The Oasis

We found a natural pool
The color of an apple martini

At the top of a waterfall
Between narrow shafts of rock
Carved by a river
Rain-swollen in winter
A mere ghost in summer

Through the giant aperture
We could see the Sun
Admiring its reflection
In a languid sea

We scooped
The jade water
Made lemongrass tea
On a portable stove

We dove deep
Into the cupped palm
Of this paradise
And sat
As our bodies cooled
And our souls rose

In their contradance
With the setting Sun

It made us know
That Paradise
Is a region
Of the soul
That will always

And proclaim itself
In these moments

When time exists
Yet does not
Death waits
But is not:

We are baptized
In wonder
And bathed
In cool eternity

That lasts for
Just this one

--Mr. Gobley


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

What an idyllic description! It's cooling to read.

karen said...

I'm so glad to finally read again- you. It's sounds like a lovely place & now it will/is a part of you, always. Maybe it always was.

Thank you for sharing.

Mr. Gobley said...

Thank you, Richard.

And Karen, i am glad to read you again, too!