The Schrodinger Shift

I read John Gribbin's book on quantum physics, In Search of Schrödinger's Cat. Towards the end, he seriously entertains as a live option the notion that we brought the universe into existence by observing it. -- Micah Newman

Here at last
Is the secret
Of our unfolding!

We are made
Of what we make,
We are
Both paper
And crease --

An organic origami,

An evanescent Escher,
Emergent from Mind --

But whose?

We are
To procreate
And co-create:

We make others
(With others)
Even as we
Make ourselves
(With no other,

Other than
The Other
That is All)!

We spiral around
This empty center,
Making a double-helix
Of Self and No-Self,
Until, at last,
We are self-less.

Having made
That which we observe,
We observe
What we have made,
And in this Sabbath moment,
Our creation --
Our soul --

Is made to midwife itself
Into miraculous Being,
And become
All, and more than all:

Which is to say,

--Mr. Gobley


Alison said...

Lovely. Schrödinger only wishes that's what he meant (if the dead can wish).

karen said...

I wonder if he thinks differently now?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gobley,

I slogged some on this subject. I do write with a 'Bit' more intensity at times...Ha! And this was one of them.


As always admiringly yours,