Move your hand
In a slow circle
As you look out your window
At a squirrel.

Pass your palm
Over the dashboard
Of your faithful car.

Place your index finger
On the bridge
Of your child's nose;

And while you make
These silent gestures,
Think to yourself:

"As in each moment
You keep faith with me,
So I keep faith with you,
Your constancy,

And together,

This benediction
Will draw you
Into closer embrace
With the world,

Which will
Rise to greet you,
Each morning.

--Mr. Gobley

1 comment:

karen said...

I remember i had such a hard time understanding the Sacramental poem you wrote a while back. In thought, maybe the 7 sacraments are really like- 7x70- so, you'd be so right.

This is in the same vein- but, i get this. i so love this thought- i really think i do this sometimes(often) esp when touching my animals- that they feel the energy is positive, that i mean them no ill will- that i respect them and that i ask God to bless them- that i thank them for my living.

Of course, i also pray for dead animals i see on the roadside (after i go- ewww).

I promise to trace the bridges of my childrens' noses- in a blessing of Benediction. "Through Him, with Him and in Him- in the unity of the Holy Spirit..."

I'm so glad you share your poems, mr. gobley. It's the best way to end my day- esp when the world is so raging. Thank you :0).