A Psalm for Monday

Oh, Lord,
Do thou remember me.
My soul weakens
And climbs toward thee
Like the frozen spire of exhaust
From the tailpipe of
The car in front of mine.

And though the Sun,
The bright shield of your love,
May shine down upon me,
Yet the earth is cold,
The radio chatter is shrill and foolish,
My heart is weary.

And the week has only just begun.

Another Psalmist said:

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and
His courts with praise."

On this day,
In which i see
And yet cannot feel
Your love,

Let me pass through
Your gates --
Give me voice,
That i may yet praise
All that You have made:

The near and the far,
The kind and the unkind,
The 5-CD changer
And the seat-warmer,

The morning paper
That heralds
Your coming,
And the cup-holder
That caresses
The thimble-ful of Your compassion
That warms me on my way.

You, Lord, only you
Can give courage
To my timid soul:
As my seat warms,
So does my soul.

Your steadfast love gives me hope,
Your caffeine gives me courage.

i praise all that You have made.

--Mr. Gobley


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Amen, even if it's decaf.

So you live in a cold climate, Mr. Gobley? Hm...

Mr. Gobley said...

Well, Richard Lawrence Cohen, either that, or i have an imagination.

But certainly not both.

amba said...

As my seat warms,
So does my soul.

Your steadfast love gives me hope,
Your caffeine gives me courage.

Ah, that's wonderful.

And the ability to make something like this -- that's the greatest gift of all.

karen said...

I think you cause me to open my Bible more than anyone else, mr. G. And, when I read Psalms, to give one back, to stiffen or strengthen your reserve (and warm your heart as well as your seat and soul)- I read them in the form of songs because so many we sing at Mass.

I think the writer(s) of Psalms are slightly manicy, eh? Highs and lows- but, I guess that's life. Caught between Heaven and hell :0). Today, you seem as Psalm 51- which is really weird because the Priest says these words as he washes his hands before the Eucharistic Prayer. *Wash me of my iniquities, cleanse me of my sins.*

You're so funny- feeling sad to let God down w/human needs and feelings. And asking forgiveness between each sentence of thanks!! True 21st century Psalms.